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Supermarkets and sustainability news

05 July 2004
Academy for Corporate Social Responsibility announced

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Minister, Stephen Timms today launched a new, dedicated academy to help CSR take a big leap forward.

The new CSR Academy, established through close Government, industry and key stakeholder co-operation, will be a new resource for organisations of any size and any sector wanting to develop their corporate social responsibility skills. It will provide a central source of information for training and development with the aim of integrating CSR into day-to-day business practice. CSR Academy resources are available online at http://www.csracademy.org.uk.

Source: GNN

4:22:06 PM   

Supermarkets failing disabled customers

Only one of the five leading UK supermarket websites meets the basic accessibility needs of disabled customers, according to a new survey from computing and disability charity, AbilityNet.

The survey audited the UK's top five supermarkets, looking at both usability and accessibility. AbilityNet found that only Tesco's alternative website [www.tesco.com/access] provided easy access for people with a vision impairment, dyslexia or physical disability making mouse use difficult, gaining a four-star rating on AbilityNet's five-star scale.

The charity said that none of the other sites passed even basic levels of accessibility and, as a consequence, are "losing out on a massive market opportunity".

Source: netimperative

4:13:43 PM   

OFT inspects supermarket practices

The big four UK supermarkets are expected to be questioned over allegations that they are giving their suppliers an unfair deal, according to reports. The government has expressed concerns about the treatment of farmers and manufacturers by Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury and Safeway/ Morrisons.

The Office of Fair Trading ordered the probe into supermarket practices after initial checks indicated that the voluntary code on suppliers was being violated.

Source: Grocer [sub req], ThisisCornwall

4:01:42 PM   

Supermarkets ripping off customers

An investigation has criticised supermarkets for ripping off its customers. It noted that many were charging up to 30% more for some products bought in bulk than for the same products purchased in smaller quantities or individually.

The investigation found that Tesco and Safeway appeared to be among the most likely to be guilty of this practice but smaller numbers of overpriced bulk items were also found at Sainsbury, Waitrose and Asda.

Source: Grocer [sub req], ThisisLondon

3:51:59 PM   

Organics in demand

According to the Soil Association, UK consumer demand for organically produced food is outstripping the rest of Europe, with sales rising by £1,700,000 per week.

Source: Observer

3:45:15 PM   

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